2019 ECO Infinic ECO Infinic , a SHEICO-owned subsidiary, was established in Thailand in 2019. It produces recovered carbon black from waste tires.
2020 ISO 9001:2015 Certified Certified by ISO-9001:2015 in 2021, ECO Infinic provides high-quality products and services to all customers.
2021 Waste Tire Pyrolysis Oil Distillation System In 2021, the tire pyrolysis oil distillation system was built, to refine the pyrolysis oil into light and heavy oils.
2022 ISO 14067:2018 Certified In 2022, ECO Infinic received ISO 14067:2018 certification, which calculated the carbon footprint of products and determined the greenhouse gas emissions during each stage in the life cycle of our products.
2023 ISCC PLUS Certified & Completed the expansion of the 2nd phase In 2023, Eco Infinic received the ISCC PLUS certification, which demonstrated our dedication to the circular economy for consumers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, ECO Infinic completed the expansion of the 2nd phase, which provided higher quantity and better products to our customers.
2024 Continued Expansion The 3rd to 5th phase expansion will be completed by the end of 2024 to satisfy the continuously increasing demands of our customers.